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Nottinghamshire Family History Society

Nottinghamshire Family History Society evolved in 1973 from the East Midlands Family History Society, which had formed about 1970 to cover family history interests in Nottinghamshire. The membership of the Society fluctuates but stands at the present time at approximately 1,200.

The Society holds regular meetings in Nottingham where members can hear a variety of speakers, seek advice and meet other enthusiasts. A small library, which concentrates mainly on Nottinghamshire material, is also available but the Society is hoping to establish a place suitable for a workshop that would house this so as to make it more readily available to all.

The quarterly publication “Nottinghamshire Family History Society Journal”provides items of local interest, general genealogical information, events and activities of the Society and an opportunity to publish personal family history interests which can also appear on CD. Such information, including details of local publications which can be purchased online, projects, search services of the Society’s databases or specific enquiries and facilities to join the Society, is to be found also on the website.

Nottinghamshire FHS is a registered charity (no 515898) and a member of the Federation of Family History Societies.

The Nottinghamshire Family History Society contributed to the following sets:*

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