Find your ancestors in South Australia Landowners 1835-1841

South Australia Landowners 1835-1841

Search for your ancestors who owned land in South Australia between 1835 and 1841. Find out where they lived, discover details of their property, and uncover some biographical information.

What can these records tell me?

* Name

* Location

* Land order – this indicates a cash purchase

* Ballot

* Street

* District

* Section

* Number of acres

* Purchase date and price

* Settlement date – the date of possession

* Biographical note

* Remarks

* Source of information

Discover more about South Australia Landowners 1835-1841

When South Australia was settled, it was thought that the colony’s land should be sold in small sections, of ideally about 80 acres. The money raised by the sale and leasing of land was used for an Emigration Fund that helped cover to the cost conveying immigrant labourers and their families from Great Britain and Ireland.

All land was surveyed before sale and rural land was to be initially sold in 80-acre parcels at a minimum price of £1 per acre.

Data provided by Graham Jaunay