Find your ancestors in South Australia rate books

What can these records tell me?

Each record includes a transcript and an image. The amount of information listed varies, but the transcripts usually include the following information:

  • Name
  • Assessment year
  • Assessment number
  • Occupier
  • Owner
  • Situation
  • Town

Images may be able to provide additional details, such as property descriptions, rate values, and dates paid. Entries span two pages in the original document; you can use the right-hand arrow in the image viewer to view the second image associated with your ancestor’s entry. You can also use the previous and next arrows to peruse other entries.

Discover more about these records

This is an index of roughly 4,000 records. The index was transcribed from rate assessments for the coastal district of Beachport in southeast South Australia between 1882 and 1888.

District councils collected this information for the purpose of charging rates for local properties. As a result, a range of property and ownership details was recorded, including the names of both the owner and occupier of the property (if they differed).

Images provided by State Records of South Australia and published under Creative Commons Licence 3.0