Find your ancestors in NSW Calendar and PO Directory 1833


Do you have ancestry in New South Wales?

New South Wales was a very young colony in 1833, with some free settlers, as well as British military personnel and convicts making up the population. This directory is an important record, because few records survive that cover such an early period of history, making it hard to find information particularly on the early emigrants.

It begins with a 'Sketch of the Colony', followed by a calendar for 1833, and directions if sailing or travelling by road. The itinerary of roads is an interesting section listing all features (houses, mills, gates, bridges, stations, bush etc), as well as anecdotal information on some of the individuals.

The 'Rules and Regulations' relating to everything from land assigned to convicts; from county boundaries to discharged soldiers; ports and quarantine are all covered, and make for interesting reading and learning about rules of the day.

Parliamentarians, coroners, barristers, attorneys, surveyor-generals, surgeons, police, ministers of religion, schools and colleges, banks and insurance companies, auctioneers, mail coaches, exports, arrivals and departures of vessels throughout the year (not including passengers) and more are all listed. There is a reasonable section on the military of New South Wales and the various battalions.

The Post Office Directory section covers about 100 pages, listing people alphabetically by surname, occupation and often both home and work address. This covers Sydney, suburbs and country regions.

This is a valuable genealogy resource, listing thousands of early immigrants and pioneers in the colony of New South Wales - perfect for anyone searching their family history or building a family tree.