Find your ancestors in Tasmanian Royal Kalendar & Almanack 1849 & 1850


Do you have Tasmanian ancestry?

This collection features two great editions that are perfect for your historical and genealogy needs, and ideal for anyone exploring their family history and building a family tree.


The Tasmanian Royal Kalendar & Almanack 1849 (Wood) is an important reference book on early Tasmania. It consists of 255 pages jam packed with all kinds of information relating to Tasmania, and also the world as it was in 1849. The alphabetical table of contents alone covers 9 pages of subjects covered.

To note just a small sampling of these:
  • Advertisements (27 pages of these)

  • Agents - shipping, customs, emigration

  • Agricultural societies

  • Auctioneers

  • Banks

  • Bathing association

  • British army in South Eastern hemisphere

  • British colonies

  • Cattle and sheep

  • Chemists and druggists

  • Churches (each denomination)

  • Coaches, mail and stage

  • Convicts - department, ships

  • Counties in VDL

  • Courts

  • Register office for births marriages, deaths

  • Dog licences

  • Educational establishments

  • Factories, male & female

  • Families of convicts passage

  • Fleas - remedy for

  • Fort St George

  • Gaols and officers

  • Government officers

  • Hobart market

  • Hospitals

  • Justices of the peace

  • Launceston (various institutions)

  • Mail coaches - and contractors

  • Newspapers - list of

  • Notaries public

  • Police department (notes on district offices)

  • Port Arthur

  • Schools

  • Shipping - agents arrivals & departures, convicts

  • Societies (various)

  • Statistics - many pages so these

  • Townships in VDL

  • Wages - average rates of

  • Wheat

  • Plus 800 other subject headings


The Tasmanian Royal Kalendar & Almanack 1850 (J Wood) is perfect for your social history, as this publication gives you details on the stage coach fares, details of newspapers publishing in the Australasian colonies, details on all the lodges and societies, shipping owners, as well as arrivals and departures, religious statistics, shipping agents, wholesales dealers, auctioneers and pawnbrokers. There is a gardening calendar, to know what to plant when, as well as a 'Home Directory' which contains details of the Sovereigns of England. This issue also includes a 'Tasmanian Official Directory' which gives lists of names, positions and salaries of government officers: government, banking, insurance, education, police and convict department, military, ministers of religion and many more.

Primarily covering Tasmania, but the lists of government officers with salaries and statistics covers the Australasian and East Indian colonies: Ascension, Auckland Islands, Australia Felix, Bengal, Bombay, Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, Falkland Islands, Hong Kong, Labuan, Madras, Mauritius, New South Wales, New Zealand, Prince of Wales Island, Singapore, South Australia, St Helena, Western Australia, Van Diemen's Land.

It contains an immense amount information, both for the genealogist and historian. If you had ancestors in Tasmania in 1850 they may be listed here, together with their occupation, and salary. Apart from that, you can find out about the society they lived in, the local businesses (which includes 40 pages of advertisements), banks, transport, postage costs, churches, government offices, medical facilities and so much more. Part of the introduction to this publication states that it is "... a work which, for the abundance and variety and accuracy of its information, is by far the most useful ever issued ..."