Get lost in 1.8 million new records across the North of England

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By Jessie Ohara | August 12, 2022

Get lost in 1.8 million new records across the North of England

This Friday's release sees immense additions to our archives.

York, Durham, Northumberland... if you suspect that you have roots in the North of England, then this release is for you.

City of York Electoral Registers 1848-1938

Looking for ancestors in York? You're in luck - not only have we added 90 years of electoral registers, but this collection alone comprises 1.76 million records. Yes, you read that right.

yorkshire electoral registers

A snippet from these electoral registers in 1897. View this page here.

These records will give you a name, place, district and address. However, make sure to check the original image too - you may find extra information such as the type of property, and whether it was rented or owned.

This collection can not only help you pinpoint your ancestor at a specific address, but could come in really useful for researching the history of your house. Of course, street names and infrastructure have always been subject to change, so make sure to cross reference with census records and local newspapers.

Durham Baptisms

If you think we're done with the North of England, think again. We've added over 16,000 records to this collection.

A snippet from the Durham Baptisms.

A snippet from the Durham Baptisms. View this record here.

These records span an incredible 257 years, between 1664 and 1921, and cover 19 churches across the county. These churches include those of Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, and Methodist faiths, and even cover the Unitarian Free Church in Sunderland. No matter which religion your ancestor belonged to, it's worth seeing if you can expand your family tree with these additions. You can find a full parish list here.

Northumberland Baptisms

The 9,500 new additions to this collection brings the total number of records to an impressive 758,000.

A snippet from the Northumberland Baptisms.

A snippet from the Northumberland Baptisms. View this record here.

They cover 1571-1921, an even wider span than the previous additions, and cover 11 churches across Northumberland - check out the full parish list here. These include not only Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Presbyterian churches, but also the All Saints Dissenter church of central Newcastle. The information will vary record to record, but you may be able to gather parents' names and occupations, helping you trace multiple generations.

Never forget newspapers...

Remember when we hit 50 million newspaper pages? Well in just a few short months, we've built that up to 55 million, with 308,000 pages being added this week alone. Of our four new titles, you can find Caribbean paper the Barbados Herald, and even a specialist Catholic title. We've also updated 57 of our existing newspapers, so read on to discover everything that's new. When something catches your eye, just head to our newspaper archive and filter your search by title.

New titles:

Updated titles:

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