Find your ancestors in Western Australian PO Directory 1905, 1910, 1914, 1924, 1935-1936, 1939

Directories are an immense source of historical information, both for the social historian and the genealogist. They give you information on not only where a person lives, but also their occupation, both of which can be used to validate other information. 

These directories are divided into three main sections: Towns, Alphabetical and Trades and Professions. These three classifications enable the enquirer to see at a glance the Householders or Traders in any one Town; the Business and Address of any resident in the State; and the Firms throughout Western Australia engaged in any trade or profession. The directory also includes many pages of advertisements, all of which provide useful information, often including names of people and places.

Sections included:

  • Towns Section - contains the usual separate Streets Directories of Perth and Suburbs, Fremantle and Suburbs, Kalgoorlie, Boulder and Coolgardie, with Alphabetical Directories of every other Town, Township and Postal District in Western Australia

  • The alphabetical section - contains the Names, Occupations and Postal Addresses for the entire State

  • The trades section - shows the Business Firms of the State, arranged under their trades or professions

Separate directories are given in the following areas: 

  • Medical

  • Ecclesiastical.

  • Legal

  • Educational

  • Banking and Finance

  • Insurance

  • Mining

  • Pastoral and Agricultural

  • Local and General Government

  • Public Companies

  • Customs

  • Postal and Telegraphic