Brands Directory South Australia 1901

If your ancestors in South Australia owned horses, cattle or sheep then these records are worth searching. These Brands Directories are a unique and useful source for family historians. Local historians will also find them a great resource, with the ability to easily reconstruct lists of stockowners in their region.

A horse or cattle brand was used by those who had horses, cattle or sheep, to brand them with a unique symbol or combination of symbols and/or letters. This identified who the animal/s belonged to. This volume contains tens of thousands of such brands for those in South Australia as at 31 December 1901.

This publication has been scanned at high quality, and is fully searchable, which allows the users to find a person or place of interest.

You will find the following information in these records:

  • An image of the brand registered
  • Certificate number
  • Former brands
  • Name of proprietor
  • Run where the brand is to be used (address)
  • Nearest post town to run

They are divided into several sections including:

  • Arrangement of Brands
  • Horse and Cattle Brands
  • Pound Brands
  • Sheep Brands
  • Alphabetical List of Names of Owners
  • Cancellations and Transfers