Our partners

Gould Genealogy and History

Gould Genealogy and History is a leading supplier of products to help with family history research. It provides Australian, English, Irish, Scottish, European and American genealogy resources as well as a complete range of genealogy software. For more information please visit www.gould.com.au.

Unlock the Past

Unlock the Past promotes history, genealogy and heritage in Australia and New Zealand. It is a collaborative venture involving a team of expert speakers, writers, organisations and commercial partners throughout Australia, New Zealand and overseas. For more information please visit www.unlockthepast.com.au.

Queensland Family History Society

Queensland Family History Society aims to promote the study of family, and local history, genealogy, and heraldry, and to encourage the collection and preservation of records relating to the history of Queensland families. For more information please visit www.qfhs.org.au.

If you are interested in supplying records to findmypast.com.au please contact records@findmypast.com.au for more information.