Queensland Brands Directory 1920-1921

If your ancestors in Queensland owned horses or cattle then consider searching the Brands Directories for more information. These are a unique, but incredibly useful source for genealogical information, when looking for those who had stock.

Those who had horses or cattle, branded them with a unique symbol and/or letters. This identified who the animal/s belonged to. This large volume contains many tens of thousands of such brands for those in Queensland from 1920 to 1921.

You will find the following information in these records:

  • An image of the brand registered
  • Earmark registered
  • Cheek brand, or symbol
  • Name of owner
  • Address of owner
  • Certificate number (in some cases)

They are divided into several sections including:

  • Instructions and rules of branding
  • List of brands registered to public pounds and government departments
  • Lists of brands separated into brand structure: i.e. letters, numbers, symbols and their combinations etc.
  • Lists of brands that have also been registered in New South Wales
  • Alphabetical list of names of owners

The sections are divided into types of brands and are ordered alphabetically or numerically for easy searching.