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Can I search by address on Findmypast?

Findmypast’s census address search allows you to delve into the history of your house or town, or find out who was living at a particular address at a given point in time. This handy feature is only available on Findmypast.

Access census address search by selecting 'Search' from the site menu and then 'Census addresses'.

You can search across all UK censuses (1841-1911) at once or choose a particular year to focus on.

Use a street name or location to pinpoint the address you're looking for. Our clever spelling variants tool can help you overcome mistakes in the records, while the radius filter allows you to narrow or broaden your search.

Your search results will return a list of all the properties in the area you’ve searched for. From there, simply select the house you're interested in and you will be taken to the record for that property.

Address search is also available in the following record collections:

And with the 1939 Register, you can also find addresses using our exclusive map search.

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