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Explore millions of historical school registers from Australia, Britain and beyond at Findmypast.

British school registers online

UK National School Registers 1870-1914

Exclusive to Findmypast, this amazing collection of records includes admission registers and log-books from over 1,500 schools across England and Wales. In them, you'll find essential information for your family tree including the names of the pupils, their parents and addresses. And if you're lucky, you could even find out if your ancestor was top of the class in their school reports or playing truant with documented reasons for absence.

3 quick tips for making the most of school records

school records for family tree

Add the details to your family tree

Colourful titbits like exam results will bring your family tree to life.

School registers online

Always check the original document

Transcripts gives you the most vital information. Images reveal even more.

Historical school admission registers

Admission registers or log-books?

Check both. They're in the same collection but contain different details.

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