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Discover your Scottish family story

Scots clan? Trace them in the fastest-growing collection of Scottish family records online.

Scottish family records

Essential Scottish genealogy records

Use Scottish births, marriages and deaths and census records to form the foundation of your family tree. Then, branch out with a detail-rich collection of historical Scottish newspapers, migration lists and prison registers.

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free parish records

Exclusive Scottish collections, only at Findmypast

Our ground-breaking Catholic Heritage Archive brings you unique parish registers covering all of Scotland. Plus, pinpoint your ancestors in monumental inscriptions, Jacobite Rebellion records and photo collections.

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Scottish family history brought to life

Scottish family tree

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Our instant hints provide intriguing clues to your past and help your tree grow.

Scottish DNA

What's in your DNA?

Take the test that reveals more about Scottish ancestry than any other.

Scottish records online

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Brand new records are added weekly, with regular additions from Scotland.

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