Find your World War 1 ancestors

Find your World War 1 ancestors

The First World War (1914-1918) was one of history’s most catastrophic conflicts. The first global war, it claimed over nine million lives and affected families across Australia and New Zealand as well as throughout Europe. If you’re tracing ancestors who fought, or others who were involved in the Great War, Findmypast is the best place to start your search.

Featured WW1 record

Featured WW1 record

The Pals Battalions, an introduction by military history expert Paul Nixon. The brainchild of Lord Derby, they encouraged young men to serve with their friends and colleagues, often with devastating consequences.

Getting started

Getting started

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World War 1 records on Findmypast

World War 1 records on Findmypast
An example of a Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Service Certificate

Findmypast has one of the most comprehensive collection of First World War records anywhere online.

From Navy, Army and Air Force service records and rolls of honour, to regimental lists and registers of Red Cross volunteers, our records will help you trace the wartime experiences of the people who served around the world. You can also search our extensive archive of newspaper reports to find more about those serving in battle or volunteering at the Home Front. Fascinating details from local papers will put your World War One research in context and bring it to life.

As well as our extensive collection of British Military records, we also have millions of records from around the world. Our records date back hundreds of years, so you can trace your family history through World War 1 and beyond. Discover more about tracing your Anzac ancestors.

Find WW1 ancestors in our other records

  • UK census records

    UK census records

    Put your World War One research into context with our UK census records.

  • Life events records

    Life events records

    Find out where and when your World War One ancestors were born, married and died.

  • Births & Baptisms

    Births & Baptisms

    Support your military research with our collection of births and baptisms.

  • Travel & migration

    Travel & migration

    Passenger lists, passport applications and other travel records help you follow your ancestors around the world.

  • Armed Forces & Conflict

    Armed Forces & Conflict

    Our extensive military collection includes records from WWI, WWII, and many other conflicts.

  • British newspaper records

    British newspaper records

    Thousands of regional newspapers from across the UK give a picture of wartime press reporting.

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