Find your ancestors in Pugh's Almanac & Queensland Directory 1895

A very rare publication that really is fascinating. For anyone with connections to Queensland this is for you. This Pugh's Almanac and Queensland Directory for 1895 has nearly 1000 pages divided into three sections. Part 1 consists of advertisements, an index to ports and harbours, an index to postal and other routes and the almanac and directory. The almanac lists each day of the year with an event that happened on that day in the past (eg. 9 Jan Pugh's office destroyed by fire 1889, 30 Jan Charles I beheaded 1649, 11 Feb Melbourne Public Library opened 1856).

Section 2 lists ports and harbours, and the 'men of the time'. This section gives biographies of hundreds of men in Queensland in 1895. Also included in section 2 are imports and exports listings, colonial governments and then the indexes relating to part 3 'Queensland Directory for 1895'.

The directory part of the publication is in part 3 which consists of the City of Brisbane Directory, Trades and Professions (listed alphabetically by occupation), the Directory of Country Towns (listed alphabetically by town or suburb), and the Alphabetical Trades and Professional Directory of Queensland (listed alphabetically by name), and more advertisements.