Find your ancestors in The Scottish Australasian 1916

First published in December 1909, the journal wanted “to help the young folk of Scottish parentage to better understand the history, literature and songs of the land of their forefathers”. The journals have articles on a wide range of topics relating to Scotland – articles on well known Scots in Australasia, Scottish Songstresses, Scottish heroes of the war, ships of long ago, obituaries, the clans, and much more.

Lieut. Kenneth A. Bell.
Lieutenant Kenneth A. Bell, a promising young Sydney officer, and a son of Mr. R. A. Bell (managing director of the North Coast Steam Navigation Company), has been killed in action. When the news of the sad event reached Sydney, it was received with profound regret on all sides, the young lieutenant, who was of a bright and genial disposition, being widely known and a general favourite.
The official message announcing that he had been killed was confirmed by a cable from Mr. Hendry, the principal of the firm in Glasgow representing the North Coast S. N. Company. Mr. Hendry cabled : “With profound regret and deepest sympathy of myself and family have to advise you of receipt of official information from Australian headquarters, London, through the Agent-General for New South Wales, that Kenneth was killed in action on July 26.”
Educated first at Petersham Public School and then at Sydney Grammar School ...