Find your ancestors in The Scottish Australasian 1917

First published in December 1909, the journal wanted “to help the young folk of Scottish parentage to better understand the history, literature and songs of the land of their forefathers”. The journals have articles on a wide range of topics relating to Scotland – articles on well known Scots in Australasia, Scottish Songstresses, Scottish heroes of the war, ships of long ago, obituaries, the clans, and much more.
The great shadow has come to many homes in Australia of late, and we regret that the family of the late Mr. J. A. Campbell, of Ottawa, Toorak, Victoria, has had such occasion as has come to them. Two of the four sons went forward at the call of Empire, and both have been killed in action recently, one of them, Walter, after he had secured the Military Cross for valour on the field. This young man, like his brother Donald, held the rank of lieutenant. Now the father has died suddenly at his home, in Melbourne, though ailing for some time. Mr. Campbell was very well known in pastoral circles, being the owner of Dungalear Station, Walgett, and he also had an interest in Tubbo Station, on the Murray.