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How do I change my Findmypast password?

Follow these simple steps to update the password for your Findmypast account.

  1. If you’re not already, sign in to Findmypast using your email address and current password
  2. Go to My Account > Security settings
  3. Select 'Reset password' and we'll send you an email with simple instructions to followpassword.jpg
  4. Select the 'Reset your password' button in the email we've sent to you. This will bring you to the page to enter your new password. It must have at least 8 characters which include at least 3 of the following: lower case letters (a-z), upper case letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9) or special characters (@#$%& etc.)
  5. Enter your new password twice and select the > icon to confirm the change


That's it, you're all set. You’ll receive an email confirming that your details have been updated. For security reasons, we never include your password in any communications, so choose one you’ll easily remember.

If you experience any problems updating your password, please contact Customer Support.

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