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What can I do for free on Findmypast?

Some really useful resources and features are included for free when you sign up to Findmypast:

1. Online family tree builder

It’s completely free to build and store your family tree on Findmypast. Our online family tree builder keeps all your discoveries organised and is accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

You’ll need a paid membership to make the most of family tree hints.

Start your family tree

2. Record searches and results

It’s free to search Findmypast’s extensive collection of family records. The free search results provide useful but limited information and you'll need to be signed up to view them. To access most of our records and discover the rich stories they hold, you’ll need a subscription.

Search family records

3. Free-to-view records

Some of Findmypast’s record collections are totally free to both search and view. Simply sign up for free to access them.

Search free records

4. Free newspaper archives

In partnership with the British Library, we’ve made over a million newspapers pages completely free to search and view.

You’ll find a full list of the papers and years covered here

Search free-to-view newspaper archives

Even if you cancel your subscription, you’ll still have access to all of these incredible features.

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