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How can I pay on Findmypast?

You can pay for Findmypast subscriptions and PayAsYouGo options with our secure online checkout. We accept all major credit and debit cards and also provide the option of paying using your PayPal account. To buy a Findmypast subscription: 

  1. Visit our membership page where you can view and compare our options 
  2. Make your selection and select the ‘Subscribe’ button 
  3. If you’re not yet signed up with Findmypast, complete your details and select 'Sign up now'. If you’re already a member, select the ‘Sign in’ button and enter your email address and password 
  4. On the payment page, enter your card details and select ‘Checkout securely’. We’ll send you a confirmation email confirming your purchase. You can also use your PayPal account to purchase using the 'PayPal' button. 


For a commitment-free alternative to a subscription, you can also purchase with PayAsYouGo Micropayments.

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