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What can I use the Findmypast app for?

You can use the Findmypast app to view information or to add a new discovery to your family tree. You can also use it to search and view family records, manage hints on-the-go, upload photos and read the blog.

To search records, just tap the 'Search' button at the bottom of the screen, and delve as deep as you like. You can filter these results, and if you have a paid subscription, view the transcripts and original images. To add a record to your tree, tap 'What can I do with this record?', and then 'Add to tree'. You can also tap 'Print transcript', which will allow you to print the record, save it to your device as a PDF, or send it on to someone who may be interested.


With our app, you can snap and upload any pictures from your phone or tablet, and assign them to your ancestors. You can also take photos of graves, and the app will automatically transcribe the text it can read from the photo. You can again add these details to the relevant ancestor.

You can also use the app to colourise historical photos if they're sepia or black and white, helping you bring your ancestors to life like never before.

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