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How do I add to and edit my Findmypast family tree?

Your family tree will constantly grow and change as you make new discoveries. Thankfully, adding and editing people is an easy process. 

Adding people

You can either select the '+ Add a relative' icon at the top of your tree, which will open the sidebar menu. From there, you can add the relative's details.


Or, you can click onto a person, then click 'Add relative' within the sidebar.

Editing people

To edit the details of anyone on your tree, simply click on them to open the sidebar. From there, you can change their basic details by clicking the pencil icon on the right-hand side.


To change more granular details, click on ‘View full profile’. 

Important note about living relatives

As well as ancestors, it's likely that your family tree will include living people and their personal information. For anyone who is still alive, you should always seek their permission before you add their details to your family tree.



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