Bowyers' Company apprenticeships

Guildhall Library Ms 5349/1 contains the apprenticeship records of the Bowyers' Company filed with the court minutes for the period 1680-1726. The Guildhall Library list gives the starting date as 1679 this is because the first entry is 1st January 1679 Old Style, being, of course, 1st January 1680 New Style.

GL Ms 5349/2 contains similar records 1728-71, GL Ms 5349/3 1766-75 and GL Ms 5349/4 1776-1806. There is a certain amount of overlap between GL Ms 5349/2 and GL Ms 5349/3; all information about an apprenticeship in either register has been conflated into a single entry here.

The records of 497 Bowyers' apprenticeships have been abstracted.