Saddlers' Company apprenticeships

The Saddlers' Company lost a very large proportion of its archive due to enemy action during World War II. A large volume entitled 'Minute Book No.1' survives and contains court minutes from 1606-66. This is now preserved as GL Ms 5385. From 1624, freedom admissions are noted, but only from the end of 1658 are apprenticeships listed (one or two referring back to apprenticeships entered into the previous year). When they are, however, the name and the parish of the father are given. The next apprenticeship register of the Saddlers' Company to survive (GL Ms 30,491) only begins in 1800. Apprenticeships of 1800 have been given here.

The records of 199 Saddlers' apprenticeships have been abstracted here, for these small periods, showing what a substantial loss was sustained when the bulk of the Saddlers' records was lost.