Glass-Sellers' Company apprenticeship

The historic archives of this company are preserved at the Guildhall Library, London and there are records of its apprentices from its founding in 1664. There is one register of apprenticeship bindings, giving details of parentage, and covering the years 1665-1754 (Guildhall Library Ms 5542). After 1754 the entries are taken from the court minutes. The first volume (GL Ms 5538/1) covers 1664-1712, but contains no entry not in GL Ms 5542. The apprenticeships recorded in GL Ms 5538/2 covering 1712-57 (not in GL Ms 5542) and in GL Ms 5538/3 covering 1758-1812 have been abstracted for this index.

The Company was one of those adopting the practice for the first few years of always, or almost always, 'turning over' an apprentice immediately to another master, the first named master being the beadle or other official of the Company. This official master has been ignored in this index.

The records of 915 Glass-Sellers' apprenticeships have been abstracted.