Dyers' Company apprenticeships

The early records of the Company are deposited at the Guildhall Library. However, many records were lost in 1940 due to enemy action.

It would appear that there is only one register of apprenticeships which survives, covering the years 1706 to 1746 (Guildhall Library Ms 8169). The bare names of apprentices can be recovered from 1694 to 1861 in the Orphans' Tax books (GL Ms 8170/1-2) which have not been copied here.

There is an error in the binding of GL Ms 8169, so that some entries in 1744 are to be found six folios past where they should be. The last six folios bound in as A, B, C, D, E and F, are actually respectively folios D, B, E, F, C (which reversed), A.

The records of 2,311 Dyers' apprenticeships have been abstracted.