Fruiterers' Company apprenticeships

The registers of apprenticeship bindings only give the bare names of the parties, the date and the tax paid. The court minutes of the Company, however, provide the normal, fuller details including the name, parish and occupation of the father of the apprentice.

The first volume of minutes (GL Ms 5401/1) begins in 1748, but the first apprenticeship is recorded in 1750 in this volume and in an engrossment (GL Ms 5402) covering the period 1748-70. GL Ms 5401/2 covers the period up to 1791, and GL Ms 5401/3 1791-1815. All these volumes have been abstracted.

From the mid-1770s street addresses are given in London as well as, or more usually instead of, parish names. Where possible these have been converted (silently) into the parish name. At about the same time, the 'consideration' starts to be recorded - in a very high proportion of cases 'for love and affection'. This has been omitted in the abstracts.

The records of 169 Fruiterers' apprenticeships have been abstracted.