Longbowstring Makers' Company apprenticeships

This company is defunct; its records were deposited by the Fletchers' Company with which it effectively merged.

There are only a few records of apprenticeship to this company. Firstly, there are two manuscript registers of, inter alia, apprenticeships; GL Ms 21,113 covers 1604-14 and 1661-68 with a single entry of 1709, and GL Ms 21,112 covers 1611-61. Even in the period of overlap some entries are unique in each volume. In addition, GL Ms 21,111/1 is the court minute book for 1670-1717 (apparently the only one to survive from before the nineteenth century) which contains some apprenticeship records 1714-17. All these have been abstracted here, as have the freedom admissions 1714-17 also recorded in the court minutes.

The records of 297 Longbowstring Makers' apprenticeships have been abstracted