Vintners' Company apprenticeships

The main record used in the compilation of this index comprise GL Ms 15,220/1-3; GL Ms 15,220/1 contains 1609-66, Ms 15,220/2 1666-1736 and Ms 15,220/3 1737-1809. GL Ms 15,220/1 has a substantial gap between 1617 and 1624 and other more minor ones. GL Ms 15,211/1 and GL Ms 15,211/2 contain respectively apprenticeships 1428-1602 and 1602-61 but give no details being accounts and have only been used to supplement the main record, as have another series arranged by master's names which form GL Mss 15,219/1-3, volume 1 containing 1563-1609, volume 2 1609-41 and volume 3 1642-69. Entries have been conflated between these various sources without special note.

In the 1630s, in many months there is a section at the end of undetailed entries. In the 1640s, there is a similar section, but the names of the fathers are generally given, but not his parish or occupation. It is probable that these latter sections record those apprenticeships which did not take place at regular sessions of the Court, but at other times.

There are no details given in the apprenticeship register Mar 1741/2 to Oct 1751.

The records of 19,055 Vintners' apprenticeships have been abstracted which include 54,793 names.