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How does the 1921 Census differ from other censuses?

The 1921 Census of England and Wales is the most comprehensive census to be opened to the public since records began in 1801.
For the first time “divorced” was included as a marital status. The address of each person’s place of work was also recorded. This means that for the first time you will often be able to determine the colleagues of your relatives. This was the first census since the creation of the Royal Air Force and their overseas stations were included in this census along with army bases and ships of the Royal Navy.
For the first time questions were removed from the census, unlike the 1911 Census there was no question about the length of the present marriage or the total number of children born to a marriage, or total children still living, only numbers of children or stepchildren under 16 were requested.
It was the first decennial census to be conducted under the Census Act 1920. The original act can be viewed here.

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