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How do I purchase records from the 1921 Census?

You can view unlimited records from the 1921 Census of England & Wales with a Findmypast Premium subscription.

Purchasing a Findmypast Premium subscription is simple:

  1. Visit the membership page and choose Premium
  2. Select the 'Subscribe' button
  3. If you’re not signed up with Findmypast, complete your details. If you’re already signed up, select the 'Log in' button and enter your email address and password
  4. On the payment page, your subscription selection, renewal date, and price will be displayed. You can then choose to complete your purchase using a payment card or PayPal account

After payment is taken, we'll send you an email confirming your purchase. That's it, your Premium subscription will be ready to use instantly so you can start exploring the 1921 Census straightaway.

If you’re an existing customer on a lower-level subscription, you can upgrade to a Premium subscription. The remaining pro-rated value of your previous subscription will be discounted from your upgrade price.

For Premium subscription upgrades, a minimum price of A$34.99 is in place if the remaining pro-rated value of your previous subscription falls below this price.


You can also purchase 1921 Census records on a pay-per-view basis using Findmypast micropayments. To purchase using micropayments:

  1. Search by person, address, or employer to locate the record you wish to purchase
  2. Select the transcript or image that you wish to purchase by clicking on the relevant icon. By hovering over the icon, you can preview the record before purchasing to confirm it's the record you are looking for
  3. When a record has been selected a sidebar will appear on the screen providing detailed information and the price of the record you are purchasing. 
  4. You can now select your payment method from Credit or debit card or PayPal. This may have your preferred payment method information stored from a previous purchase - you can change this using the "Update" button. 
  5. Select "Checkout securely" to proceed and make your purchase. 
  6. Finally, a purchase confirmation screen will be shown; detailing your purchase, the price paid, your payment method, and the invoice reference number. This is also sent to your registered email address and can be viewed within Invoices in Manage my subscription within your account settings. 
  7. To view the record you have purchased - use the "Go to record" button at the bottom of the purchase confirmation screen or visit My Records



Your payment information is secure

We use Recurly and Stripe fully PCI DSS-compliant payment providers, to process payment transactions. Stripe stores and manages the personal data needed to process the card payment – not Findmypast – and as the data controller, it is responsible for how that data is used. You can find Stripe’s privacy notice here.

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