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How was the 1921 Census transcribed?

We have worked with a trusted transcription house on numerous projects for several years. When transcription of the 1921 Census of England and Wales took place, each digital image had to be broken up into segments so that the person transcribing it could not see a whole record or household. This was to ensure we complied with security and data protection regulations but also why you might see various spellings of the same surname or street address on one record because it has been transcribed by multiple people without the context of the whole record.

Our aim when working on the transcription of the 1921 Census was to deliver a 98.5% accuracy rate across the 38 million individual records and from our initial quality control we believe we have achieved this. Due to the secure nature of the 1921 Census project, the period of time in which we have been able to access and review the data ahead of launch has been limited and we have been unable to conduct the same level of quality assurance checks we would normally apply to such a major release.

If you have found an error in a 1921 Census transcript you have purchased with Micropayments or you have a Premium subscription, you can report it on-site

Transcription errors found without purchasing the transcript itself can be reported to our Customer Support team by emailing [email protected]. Please include a link to the record and a brief description of the error, for example, the first name is recorded as Jo when the image shows it as John. Please use 1921 Census transcription update as the email subject line, this will allow us to correct errors quicker and more efficiently.

Please be aware, transcription errors should only be reported via email if it is from the 1921 Census and you do not have access to the transcription via Micropayment or Premium subscription.

To ensure the highest possible transcription standards we will be continually reviewing the data to correct any and all errors over time.


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