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How much does it cost to access the 1921 Census online?

You can search the 1921 Census of England and Wales for free on Findmypast. For unlimited access to the records, you’ll need a Premium subscription. 

If you’re a new subscriber, you can find a yearly Findmypast Premium subscription here.

If you’re an existing customer on a lower-level subscription, you can upgrade to a Premium subscription. The remaining pro-rated value of your previous subscription will be discounted from your upgrade price.

For example, the price difference between a 12-month Plus subscription (A$231.99) and a 12-month Premium subscription (A$349.99) is $118. Therefore, if you decide on the first day of your 12-month Plus subscription that you want to upgrade to Premium, the pro-rata price would be A$118. If you have six months remaining on your 12-month Plus subscription, the pro-rated value is A$58.19. The Premium upgrade price is now A$118 minus A$58.19, meaning an upgrade cost of A$59.81. Your price will be automatically shown when you upgrade your subscription.

For upgrades to a Premium subscription, a minimum price of A$34.99 is in place if the remaining pro-rated value of your previous subscription falls below this price. This also applies to subscriptions that have been purchased at a discounted price. For 12-month Pro subscribers, the upgrade price to a Premium subscription is always A$34.99.


You can also view 1921 Census records on a pay-per-view basis using Findmypast micropayments. Viewing transcriptions costs A$4.80 per record. Viewing images of the original records costs A$6.60 each. 12-month Pro subscribers enjoy a 10% discount on all 1921 Census pay-per-view purchases.

Libraries and organisations

JCS Online Resources is our subscription agent for libraries and organisations. Please contact them to find out more about options for access to Findmypast and the 1921 Census. You can drop an email to [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1865 987211.

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