Find your ancestors in England, Greater Manchester parish lists


Below is a breakdown of all the parishes included in England, Greater Manchester baptisms 1571-1910.

Ancoats, All Souls1840190714948
Ancoats, St Andrew1753189925449
Ancoats, St Jude182019036905
Angel Meadow, St Michael181318923104
Ardwick, St Benedict188018982397
Ardwick, St Matthew183319056193
Ardwick, St Silas1668190910583
Ardwick, St Thomas1813190510259
Ashton-under-Lyne, St James183419054817
Ashworth, St James181318905642
Astley, St Stephen181318929660
Audenshaw, St Stephen184419044801
Bacup, St John181318404277
Baguley, St John the Divine18681905680
Blackley, St Peter1821190510100
Blatchinworth, Littleborough18701905710
Bolton, All Souls187918971608
Bolton, Deane1826190017149
Bradford, Christ Church1858190527629
Burnage, Manchester18731905711
Bury, St John181718794259
Bury, St Mary1818190530086
Campfield, St Matthew182618769688
Castleton Moor, St Martin185819011617
Chadderton, St John184519054582
Chadderton, St Matthew184519054763
Cheetham, St Luke183918901590
Cheetham, St Mark180118975331
Chorlton upon Medlock, All Saints1807190413493
Chorlton upon Medlock, St Luke180519054837
Chorlton upon Medlock, St Paul186218871998
Chorlton upon Medlock, St Saviours183618873308
Chorlton upon Medlock, St Stephen178618993191
Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester188619051454
Clayton, St Cross185719073207
Coldhurst, Holy Trinity183618902391
Collyhurst, St Catherine185918901619
Collyhurst, St James1873190916793
Collyhurst, St Oswald185518913084
Crompton, East Crompton184519054496
Deansgate, St John181118988800
Denton, St Lawrence1835190510447
Didsbury, Manchester188219051060
Dixon Green, St Thomas187619051991
Dobcross, Holy Trinity178718931708
Ellenbrook, Worsley181819027987
Facit, Rochdale180219052463
Farnworth, All Saints188019051695
Flixton, St Michael157218409174
Glodwick, Prestwich184419057281
Goodshaw, St Mary and All Saints181319005344
Gorton, All Saints187618923199
Gorton, St James1813190511151
Gorton West, All Saints183919044005
Granby Row, St Simon and St Jude184218654680
Great Lever, St Bartholomew18801899807
Halliwell, St Thomas187318981595
Harpurhey, Christ Church183819016408
Healey, Christ Church184719052108
Heaton Norris, All Saints188519032408
Heaton Norris, Christ Church184619058797
Heaton Norris, St Thomas181318958037
Hey, St John the Baptist177218964805
Heywood, St James183818875350
Heywood, St Luke1813190017511
High Crompton, Prestwich187719051219
Higher Openshaw, St Clement188019033187
Hindsford, St Anne's184619051641
Hollinwood, St Margaret1813190413062
Horwich, Holy Trinity181318603172
Hulme, Holy Trinity1834189914539
Hulme, St Gabriel178919013450
Hulme, St George1827189720665
Hulme, St John the Baptist177318843991
Hulme, St Mark180619054244
Hulme, St Mary183419059635
Hulme, St Michael1861190511423
Hulme, St Paul185219058704
Hulme, St Philip188619055830
Hulme, St Stephen186519056834
Irlam, St John the Baptist18661888807
Little Hulton, St John the Baptist186119031597
Longsight, St Clement187119056150
Manchester, Friezland175919055242
Manchester, St Ann181318491599
Manchester, St George Oldham Road181818934369
Manchester, St James181318861604
Manchester, St Martin18651905765
Manchester, St Mary's Parsonage181318881283
Manchester, St Peter179518621035
Manchester, St Peter Oldham Road184219058673
Manchester, St Philip1850190514979
Miles Platting, St John180219055433
Miles Platting, St Luke182619059230
Moss Side, Manchester188619052089
New Cross, St Paul184419033457
Newchurch in Rossendale, St Nicholas181318574495
Newton, All Saints1655190516091
Newton, St Anne187619054520
Newton, St Augustine188119052978
Old Trafford, St Cuthbert19021905198
Oldham, St Andrew186819054203
Oldham, St Mary176418706974
Oldham, St Paul181619053073
Oldham, St Stephen and All Martyrs183219053654
Pendlebury, Christ Church185919055876
Pendlebury, Eccles184219054937
Pendleton, St Ambrose188119023197
Prestolee, Holy Trinity186219051556
Prestwich, Holyrood185118972394
Prestwich, Leesfield184618825246
Prestwich, St Mary1810190512308
Radcliffe, St Andrew18411898831
Radcliffe, St John184319053065
Radcliffe, St Mary182619059468
Radcliffe, St Thomas181819056630
Ringley, St Savior183619059609
Rochdale, Norden18621905745
Rusholme, Manchester18761905995
Saddleworth, St Thomas181318501649
Salford, St Cyprian18241905932
Salford, St Phillip1826190511610
Salford, St Stephen1718190511864
Salford, Stowell Memorial186919057184
Scouthead, St Paul17891905212
Shore, St Barnabas18881905225
Spotland, St Clement183518944969
Staleybridge, Ashton-under-Lyne184619053740
Stockport, Heaton Moor18761905604
Stretford, All Saints18851905412
Stretford, St Matthew181319057383
Stretford, St Peter1905190517
Swinton, Eccles1852189412335
Turton, St Anne181318896783
Unsworth, Prestwich183418992458
Urmston, Flixton186819051932
Wardleworth, St James182119005555
Wardleworth, St Mary18271848210
Weaste, Eccles186519055055
Werneth, St Thomas184319053143
West Gorton, St Mark180019075165
Withington, St Paul184119052861
Worsley, St Mark184619053001


Below is a breakdown of all the parishes included in England, Greater Manchester marriages 1570-1936.

Ancoats, All Souls184619256034
Ancoats, Houghton Memorial191419251166
Ancoats, St Andrew1838192510140
Ancoats, St James the Less187119252118
Ancoats, St Jude185619255216
Ardwick, St Benedict188019251066
Ardwick, St Matthew186919253902
Ardwick, St Silas185619258530
Ardwick, St Thomas183719258058
Ashton-under-Lyne, St James186619132608
Ashton-under-Lyne, St Peter1837192511786
Astley, St Stephen184319252834
Audenshaw, St Stephen184619073996
Baguley, St John the Divine18271925972
Benchill, St Luke  2
Beswick, St Mary187919253090
Blackley, Holy Trinity19081925560
Blackley, St Peter183818952000
Blatchinworth, Littleborough189619251152
Bolton, All Souls188119255674
Bolton, Deane183019018412
Bolton, St James187219252428
Bradford, Christ Church1862192512262
Bradford, St Aidan189919315496
Bradford, St Paul19081922884
Burnage, Manchester183119253058
Bury, St Mary1754192556132
Castleton Moor, St Martin186319313190
Chadderton, St John184619254424
Chadderton, St Matthew1857193117594
Chorlton upon Medlock, St Stephen185719254506
Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester183819252724
Clayton, St Cross187419253616
Crompton, East Crompton184719253580
Deansgate, St John1804192862374
Delph, Friarmere183119252996
Denton, St Lawrence18541907896
Didsbury, Manchester183019255548
Dixon Green, St Thomas188019253588
Dobcross, Holy Trinity18451910992
Dobcross, Rochdale184519101020
Facit, Rochdale187219252138
Farnworth, All Saints190919251404
Flixton, St Michael157219258914
Glodwick, Prestwich180119256832
Goodshaw, St Mary and All Saints183819254100
Gorton, St James183819257582
Gorton West, All Saints187919152990
Great Lever, Middleton19241925114
Great Lever, St Bartholomew188019251972
Great Lever, St Michael185119253104
Greenheys, Manchester19191925600
Halliwell, St Thomas187519253176
Harpurhey, Christ Church184019257720
Harpurhey, St Stephen190119251678
Haughton, St Ann18821916994
Healey, Christ Church184819254136
Heaton Mersey, St John18501916996
Heaton Norris, All Saints188819252676
Heaton Norris, Christ Church184719256514
Heaton Norris, St Thomas1838192510548
Heaton Reddish, Manchester189219251366
Hey, St John the Baptist186019151496
Heywood, St James184119314640
Heywood, St Luke183718951984
High Crompton, Prestwich187819252070
Hindsford, St Anne's18391925754
Hollinwood, St Margaret183619326032
Hulme, St George183719257702
Hulme, St John the Baptist186019253792
Hulme, St Mark185219257262
Hulme, St Mary185919255412
Hulme, St Michael183619258192
Hulme, St Paul185819258904
Hulme, St Philip186019255162
Hulme, St Stephen187019254964
Longsight, St Clement187619253110
Lower Crumpsall, St Thomas18641925912
Lydgate, St Anne18451879994
Manchester, Friezland185018892000
Manchester, St Barnabas185418542
Manchester, St James18381925924
Manchester, St Martin18741906686
Manchester, St Mary's Parsonage1806188822014
Manchester, St Peter18381906496
Manchester, St Peter Oldham Road186019253244
Manchester, St Philip1850192510070
Middleton, Tonge19171925944
Miles Platting, St John185519252432
Miles Platting, St Luke187619256494
Moss Side, Manchester188919253780
Newhey, St Thomas186619212130
Newton, All Saints168219257972
Newton, St Anne181619258866
Newton, St Augustine188919253232
Newton, St Wilfred191019251812
Oldham, Holy Trinity184919254784
Oldham, St Andrew187419254092
Oldham, St Mary1787192161552
Oldham, St Paul188019254248
Oldham, St Stephen and All Martyrs183619253896
Pendlebury, Christ Church186219254002
Pendlebury, Eccles182519253198
Prestolee, Holy Trinity188319251306
Prestwich, Holyrood18751918996
Prestwich, Leesfield19151925644
Prestwich, St Mary16001925107138
Radcliffe, St Andrew184719253450
Radcliffe, St John186819252254
Radcliffe, St Mary175419259332
Radcliffe, St Thomas187419254918
Red Bank, St Thomas184518971000
Ringley, St Savior183819251006
Rochdale, Norden18621910998
Rochdale, St Alban19211925244
Rusholme, Manchester187819252416
Saddleworth, St Thomas184519251948
Salford, St Cyprian190019252014
Salford, St Phillip1834192513690
Salford, St Stephen183819255796
Salford, Stowell Memorial1845192510980
Scouthead, St Paul18891925228
Shore, St Barnabas19011925990
Spotland, St Clement183718922988
Staleybridge, Ashton-under-Lyne183719063718
Stockport, Heaton Moor18781925696
Stretford, All Saints18911925732
Stretford, Manchester19161925398
Stretford, St Matthew183519255412
Swinton, Eccles183918973988
Urmston, Flixton186819252502
Weaste, Eccles183419257868
Werneth, St Thomas185619257112
West Gorton, All Saints19151925854
West Gorton, St Mark186619328978
Withington, St Paul185019252358
Worsley, St Mark184919253526


Below is a breakdown of all the parishes included in England, Greater Manchester burials 1570-1990.

Ancoats, All Souls187918791
Ancoats, St Andrew183118571086
Angel Meadow, St Michael181318571812
Ardwick, St Silas190219021
Ardwick, St Thomas181218982125
Ashton-under-Lyne, St Peter1825196623682
Ashworth, St James181319133206
Astley, St Stephen181319265332
Audenshaw, St Stephen184619216409
Bacup, St John181318401320
Blackley, St Peter1813189212876
Blatchinworth, Littleborough187019905629
Bolton, Deane1826190311221
Bradford, Christ Church180319436564
Bury, St John182118743267
Bury, St Mary1813191515212
Campfield, St Matthew1826189943
Castleton Moor, St Martin181519643985
Chadderton, St Matthew1833197326664
Cheetham, St Luke1818198314293
Cheetham, St Mark181318796648
Chorlton upon Medlock, All Saints1818196521092
Chorlton upon Medlock, St Luke181918711064
Chorlton upon Medlock, St Saviours180319651336
Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester181319252040
Clayton, St Cross187419535664
Crompton, East Crompton184719642132
Deansgate, St John1813190016046
Delph, Friarmere190919921080
Denton, St Lawrence181318131
Dobcross, Holy Trinity17871999766
Dobcross, Rochdale18131999717
Ellenbrook, Worsley182818443
Flixton, St Michael1572188613247
Goodshaw, St Mary and All Saints181318933201
Gorton, St James181319708501
Great Lever, Middleton183519663242
Great Lever, St Michael183619668011
Harpurhey, Christ Church1838196310471
Healey, Christ Church185019943960
Heaton Norris, Christ Church182419718592
Heaton Norris, St Thomas181319484798
Hey, St John the Baptist181318878008
Heywood, St James183819693732
Heywood, St Luke181319066973
Hollinwood, St Margaret1813199914709
Horwich, Holy Trinity181319695585
Hulme, Holy Trinity185218521
Hulme, St George1823195219966
Irlam, St John the Baptist180919504012
Lydgate, St Anne185819521264
Manchester, Friezland185019344346
Manchester, St Ann181318541319
Manchester, St George Oldham Road18181853269
Manchester, St James181319161237
Manchester, St Mary's Parsonage181318712517
Manchester, St Peter18121866182
Newchurch in Rossendale, St Nicholas180319219807
Newhey, St Thomas180519332677
Newton, All Saints1672195025889
Oldham, St Mary180318682
Pendlebury, Eccles179319919736
Prestwich, Holyrood185219562067
Prestwich, Leesfield19721996800
Prestwich, St Mary1813192122697
Radcliffe, St Andrew18771908799
Radcliffe, St John186219791956
Radcliffe, St Mary1813192510756
Radcliffe, St Thomas187719648874
Ringley, St Savior1813199811273
Rochdale, Norden186019922436
Rochdale, Rochdale18541896389
Saddleworth, St Thomas181319924277
Salford, St Phillip1834188847
Salford, St Stephen179418724398
Salford, Stowell Memorial19491966602
Shore, St Barnabas192519922182
Spotland, St Clement183518795401
Staleybridge, Ashton-under-Lyne181319324237
Stalybridge, St George183819682471
Stockport, Heaton Moor18861989191
Stretford, St Matthew186618661
Swinton, Eccles184719285298
Turton, St Anne181319278408
Wardleworth, St Mary18271859177
Westhoughton, St James181219641602
Withington, St Paul184219174102