The level of detail found in the records varies but the St Andrew Holborn marriage index records may have a combination of the following details about your ancestor:

  • Full name - including any title
  • Age - this is simply 'full age' (i.e., over 21), 'minor' or unknown
  • Status - i.e., spinster/bachelor, widow/widower, or unknown
  • Occupation - although rarely stated
  • Parish and county - over 4% of grooms and nearly 3% of brides come from outside London or Middlesex
  • Parish and county as in the register - these are not always exactly the same as the standardised parish and county names. For example, because St Andrew Holborn is split between the City of London and Middlesex, sometimes the county is shown in the register as London and sometimes as Middlesex. For searching, we have included St Andrew Holborn in London.
  • Whether the register has been signed - in only a handful of cases has the register not been signed by both parties, but quite often only a mark is made - i.e., because the party cannot write their name. In 13% of cases the groom 'made [his] mark', but in 32% of cases the bride made a mark, showing how widespread illiteracy was among women in the late 18th century.
  • How they were married - by banns or by licence
  • Date of the marriage
  • Name of the officiating clerk or minister who conducted the ceremony
  • Names of witnesses - names of two witnesses are generally present (missing in under 1/2% of cases), but the remarks field will often contain further witnesses' names

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