Find your ancestors in Shropshire, Kinnerley & West Felton Bishop's Transcripts, Marriages 1630-1692

Explore your family’s English Midland connections through the Shropshire, Kinnerley and West Felton bishop’s transcripts of marriages from 1630 to 1692. Uncover your ancestor’s wedding date, residence, marital status and spouse’s name. The records are a valuable resource for your family history.

Each record is a copy of the original bishop’s transcripts. The amount of information in each record can differ but most will include the following information.

  • Name of bride and groom
  • Marriage date
  • Parish and county of marriage
  • Bride’s and groom’s residence
  • Bride’s marital condition

Discover more about the Shropshire, Kinnerley & West Felton Bishop's Transcripts Marriages 1630-1692

The county of Shropshire was formerly known as Salop. The county’s name was changed to Shropshire after a special council meeting in March 1980. West Felton and Kinnerley are both villages located within Shropshire. West Felton was mentioned in the Domesday Book as ‘Feltone’ and ‘Felton by le Knokyn.’

Bishop's Transcripts

In 1597, a constitution of the Convocation of the Province of Canterbury was approved by Elizabeth I. It required that each parish send annual reports to the bishop. These were known as bishop’s transcripts. This new practice is significant for the genealogist because it meant that two records were being kept of baptisms, marriages and burials, doubling the chance that the records would survive.