Find your ancestors in Somerset Marriages (pre-1754)

Discover when your ancestors were married in Somerset. Explore marriage records from as early as 1531, including over 400 parishes across Somerset County. You will find you ancestor’s marriage date, place of marriage and marital status.

Each record includes a transcript of the original marriage books. The amount of information in each transcript will vary, but may include a combination of the following information:

  • Name
  • Bride’s name
  • Groom’s name
  • Marriage date
  • Place of marriage
  • Bride’s parish
  • Bride’s county
  • Bride’s marital status (condition)
  • Groom’s parish
  • Groom’s county
  • Groom’s marital status (condition)
  • By licence
  • Witnesses
  • County and country

Discover More about the Somerset Marriages (Pre-1754)

Somerset is a county found in the South West of England, Taunton is its county town. It is a county full of history and beauty. Somerset has 11,500 listed buildings, 523 ancient monuments, 36 English Heritage sites and 19 National Trust sites, plus 41 parks and gardens. The city of Wells, located to the south of the Mendip Hills, is the smallest city in England. The county is also the home of the world famous Glastonbury Festival which takes place in Pilton. </p>

The transcripts were created by the Somerset & Dorset Family History Society. There are a number of abbreviations used such as:

Bach - Bachelor

Lic - Licence

Otp – Of this parish

Spins – Spinster

Wid - Widow

Widr - Widower