Find your ancestors in Plymouth Baptism Register

Uncover your English relatives through the Plymouth Baptism Register. The Plymouth Baptism Register includes parishes in Plymouth and the West Devon area. You will discover your ancestor’s baptismal date, names of his/her parents and even their address.

Every record includes a transcript of the original register. Prior to 1950 most of the records will also include an image of the register; however, after 1950 there are very few images.

Each transcript may differ in detail due to the amount of information recorded or the quality of the register. The transcript may include a combination of the following information:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Father’s First Name
  • Mother’s First Name
  • Mother’s Maiden Name
  • Birth Date
  • Dedication
  • Place
  • County and Country
  • Page

Those records which include images will be able to give you additional information about your ancestors. Most of the images include:

  • Abode (residence)
  • Trade or Profession

Discover more about the Plymouth Baptism Register

From about 1840 onwards most of the parishes started to use baptism register books instead of writing lists of those baptised. The register books helps to categorise the information a lot more clearly and makes it easier for you to find your relative.

The records include the city of Plymouth and parishes in the West Devon area. Plymouth is a city within Devon County in the South East region of England; it achieved city status in 1935.