Find your ancestors in Jersey Burials 1541-1940

Discover your ancestor’s Jersey burial records. Explore thousands of records created from the Church of England burial registers of the Bailiwick of Jersey. A burial register will provide your ancestor’s burial date and place. The records pertain to an index created by Jerripedia.

Every record will give you a transcript. The details in each transcript can vary, but most will include the following:

  • Name
  • Birth year
  • Burial year
  • Burial date
  • Place
  • Island
  • Country
  • Notes
  • Source link
  • Jersey, officially named Bailiwick of Jersey, is only 19 miles (30.5km) from the French coast. The island is found in the English Channel and is the largest of the Channel Islands. The Channel Islands are British Crown dependencies and not part of the United Kingdom. Jersey is a self-governing parliamentary democracy. St Helier is the capital of Jersey. English is the main language and they use the British pound as their currency.