Find your ancestors in Gibraltar Military Deaths 1869-1914

What can these records tell me?

These records usually include the following information:

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Date of death
  • Cause of death
  • Birth country
  • Occupation
  • Address

Most records include a little extra information, such as length of residence in Gibraltar, name of informant etc.

Discover more about these records

Most of the deaths relate to men serving in British Army units in Gibraltar and to their wives and families (such as infant children). However, there are also to be found service personnel in the Royal Navy, nursing staff, and civilians employed at military establishments.

Many of the addresses are of course military establishments of one sort or another – barracks, hospitals, married quarters and so on. However, some of the addresses do appear to be those of private residences. Although Gibraltar covers a small area, for most of this period covered by this record set the town was divided into no fewer than 28 districts, within which houses were numbered in a very particular way, which you may sometimes see on historical documents. For example, D5 H29 would be house 29 in district 5.